"At the lowest end of pet photography are the hordes of high street studios churning out very similar pictures to make you yawn and forget. At the very top end is Paul Walker, a highly talented 'one off' original who squeezes every last drop of talent and effort into his pictures which are alive, exciting, memorable, and as good as you get." John Drysdale, author of "Our Peaceable Kingdom"

"Love your site, keep up the good work" US soul singer, Billy Paul

"Wow! As someone who has a great appreciation for what it takes to take great photos of dogs, I must say that this is absolutely the best I've seen! Congrats on a job well done", US Photographer, Bambi Cantrell

"Paul captured the individual characters of Molly and Matilda perfectly. He has a real understanding of dogs, and knows how to get the most dramatic action shots ever!" Jo Good and Anna Webb, Barking at the Moon, BBC London & Stars of Sky Television's "A Different Breed"

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Posted by Orlando on
There`s a lot of inspirationals facts all over the world and besides owning a pet this is a really wonderful one. Thanks
Posted by Aislinn & MIchael on
As professional photographers - with a pet photography brand, too - it was not difficult to decide who should take photographs of our Patterdale terrier, Bruce. It's true we could take endless photographs of Bruce ourselves, but there's something fascinating about how another photographer interprets you and your family or, in our case, our beloved dog. We travelled up to Ayr for the shoot and had great fun - it was great to leave the technical stuff in Paul's very capable hands and enjoy the shoot itself. We have a rescue dog who is anxious with strangers and, having told Paul about his temperament, Paul was excellent at putting Bruce at ease. He knew exactly how to handle Bruce and, in the end, I found myself so proud of how Bruce had behaved - even though it was all down to Paul's excellent manner. The resulting photographs were wonderful - and it is hard to please a fellow photographer who scrutinises every inch of a photograph! We are thrilled to bits, delighted with how Paul has captured Bruce - and us in some of them - and would recommend Paul wholeheartedly. Thanks Paul for a great day, a fabulous set of images and your patience with our pup!
Aislinn Kelly and Michael Thompson
Posted by paulwalker on
Fabulous set of dog images from Paws Pet Photography, totally amazed, they were moving like lightening and you have captured them perfectly, Sarah & Richard, Ayr
Posted by paulwalker on
Paul, your work is amazing. I have just shown your portfolio to a friend who thinks you have an immense talent, Sandy, West Linton
Posted by John on
Photos are excellent. Loved the spaniel with a ball in its mouth.
Posted by Lynn Maxwell on
hi Paul, I saw your article in ayrshire world, glad to see you're doing something you enjoy. Keep up the good work!
Posted by Pam Wilson on
We have just spent a fantastic morning with Paul at home and on the beach. The photos are fantastic I wish you could see them. They caught Blues personality to a tea. Paul has the patience of a saint, to achieve the results he did.
Posted by Allyson Barclay on
I'd highly recommend Paul's work. We now have some fabulous photos of our cats/dogs to keep forever! The actual experience was enjoyable too! Thanks Paul
Posted by Steve De Mayo on
Great work I love how you were able to freeze the action in several of the shots I suspect that you must be busy. That is a good thing in the business of photography.
Posted by Ronnie Morrisson on
Just viewed for the first time the photos of Poppy and Gyppo. I honestly never thought you would be able to overcome Poppy's timid nature. Your patience is amazing but you did it, the result being a lovely set of prints to choose from. Thanks from Janette and myself Paul.
Posted by Lesley Adams on
Hi Paul, the photographs which you have taken of Roxy are absolutely superb. You managed to capture some pretty amazing photographs which reflect her personality perfectly. These photographs will always have a special place in our heart as Roxy is very precious to us. Thanks again for all your time, patience and for a wonderful day.
Posted by Liz Ratter on
Can't thank you enough Paul for the fantastic pictures of My parents 3 dogs for their anniversary. They will be delighted. You are so passionate about your work, and patient too! You needed to be with our Border,Hamish- doin his own thing! Thanks again for a great day. Daisy, Coisty and Hamish had a ball too!
Posted by Pauline Hutton on
Paul, Thanks for our photos of Sonny and Murphy, we are absolutely over the moon with them. We gave you a real challenge with Murphy as he moves so fast and we are astounded that you managed to capture such great photos. Sonny's photos were also outstanding, you really have exceeded our expectations and we will treasure these pictures forever. Our dogs are very precious to us and you were amazing with them - thanks again.
Posted by Lynsey and Wilson on
Just looked at the pictures taken of Murphy, they look amazing!! We had a great time at the shoot...but not as much fun as Murphy did! We cant thank you enough Paul for getting such fab pics of our slightly mad Great Dane.
Posted by Alastair and Wilma on
Hi Paul, Thanks for coming to the Prestwick Agility show in June. I think you could be on a winner there. So many people were so please with your photography skills. Hopefully you will come again next year.
Posted by Louise Woods on
Can't thank you enough for the photos! You did a great job keeping track off all of the dogs who had a great time at the beach and the photos are just fantastic.
Posted by Amanda and leanne on
The pictures are fantastic, especially liked the beach ones, we didnt realise how much work was involved (or patience needed, on your side) but you really captured the real zac and caia!! cant wait to see them up on the wall, they'll certainly bring a smile (or 5!!) to us, many thanks for a great day and some treasured memories.
Posted by Lindsey and Alastair on
Thanks so much for the wonderful photos of Zakk and Freya. We had a fantastic morning and are delighted with the results!
Posted by Fiona and Charlotte on
We had a 7 hour round trip to get our dogs photographed. We had a fantastic day out with our dogs, Paul, you were so good with the dogs even though they werent really very well behaved and it poured with rain most of the day. We love the pictures as do our partners and the hard job of picking our favourites is still going on. Thanks for a special day and some cracking pictures too.
Posted by Susan Terris-Weir on
Many thanks for your commitment tonight at Whitfield Farm Livery Dog Agility Competition. Taking photos for three hours, on your knees in damp sand, only to be mugged by a Labrador. Many thanks, you are a true professional.
Posted by Laura Glover on
Paul, you have the patience of a saint. You have got the essence of my two, very naughty dogs, and their spirit shines through - something I will be able to cherish forever. Thank you.
Posted by MARK HAWTHORN on
Posted by Allison and Duncan Lawrance on
Paul what can I say your professionalism really shows in your work. Bobs and I had a wonderful time doing the shots and the pictures really capture him at his best. Thank you ever so much you truly are gifted when it comes to animal photography. The advice you have given me will enable me to pick pictures that Duncan and I will keep forever. We would like to wish you every success with the book when it is released and we will be sure to buy a copy. Thank you so much Allison, Duncan and Bobs xxx
Posted by The Barclay family on
Hi Paul, would just like to thank you for doing yet another fantastic photo shoot of my 3 dogs (this time with my 2 new rescue dogs too!). We are blown away with the results! What you can create with a lens is just amazing. THANKS!
Posted by Lynn on
Thank you paul for the fantastic images you took of my cats. You just seemed to capture their personality perfectly! Im so glad you photographed them when you did as you caught them in their prime. Now that Alfie has passed away, i will treasure every photograph you took of him.Thanks also for the blog message. It still makes me cry!
Posted by Janis Hay on
Thanks again Paul, words can't describe how stunning our pictures are! Will treasure them forever. You made my dad's 50th perfect! Have been recommending you to everyone I know.
Posted by Jane Inglis on
Paul, tbanks for all your patience with Rogie.... Old age doesn't come on its own and sadly he got selective hearing and stuborness all at the same time!!! The end result made it all worth while though. Only one problem left..... Trying to pick which ones to have, narrowed it down from 27 to 25 so far..... Will be in touch, thanks again, Jane and Rogie XX
Posted by Sam Edgar on
Hi Paul,
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the wonderful day at Greenan this week. It was so much fun and Lucy and Kayla absolutely loved running about and posing, they were so tired they slept all afternoon
Posted by Sharon Yule on
Thanks Paul for the fabulous pictures of our persians, Bowie and Ramsay. We are delighted with them and Craig forgives Bowie for sitting on his speakers. The hard part now is choosing which ones we want. You were so patient with them and have made a friend for life in Ramsay. Thanks again, will be in touch very soon.
Posted by Katrina Burns on
Just received the most beautiful gift for xmas from my mother - a portrait of Murphy - I absolutely adore it and the accompanying book. Your photographs brought tears to my eyes as the pictures show him for the fun loving, crazy boy he is. Thank you so much as I believe there was a cocky litlle scottie on the loose that day too!!!!
Posted by Fiona on
My pictures arrived on Tuesday and I am just delighted with them. They will be treasured for many years to come.
Posted by Charlie and Errol on
Hi Paul, Thank you so much for the fab day at Croy. We had a ball - mummy and auntie Janet had a great time too. We had a nice long afternoon snooze today. We are looking forward to seeing our photos! Thanx Charlie; Errol; Karen; Auntie Janet
Posted by Bud and Krystal on
Would just like to say thanks again for the great job on the photos of Bud and Krystal. The book is brilliant and we love it. Everyone who's seen it loves it too! Bud says he is available for photo shoots anytime - just call his agent! I am recommending you to everyone who has dogs! Thank you
Posted by bryan mcculloch on
hi there just a msg to say thanks for the photos you done of stella my chocolate cocker. everyone was very pleased, bringing out her true colours. thanks again paul, would highly recoment you!
Posted by Nadia Shakoor on
Hi Paul, thanks a lot for cuming down to East Kilbride and taking great photos of Leo. Leo thoroughly enjoyed the session and I was very impressed with your talent and skills working along with pets. We loved all the photos and will definately be buying the book!
Posted by charlotte reid on
thank you so much of the wonderful photos of ginger and mo they are beautiful. i enjoyed it as much as they did, now my hardest task is choosing which photos to keep!
Posted by Mark Eaton on
Paul, thank you from both myself and Beverly for the fantastic day we spent with you. We learnt a great deal and you have inspired us to continue on our chosen path.
Posted by Lesley on
Paul came and photographed Radley, Isla and Zara yeaterday. What a talent and incredible rapour you have with the animals. I cannot wait to see the pictures. The dogs had a ball, especially Radley getting to swim in the pond...lots!!! Thanks so much, Lesley
Posted by Sharon Turner on
Just seen the photos that Paul took of Beau and what can i say? they are better than i could of ever imagined! Paul has captured Beau's personality to a tee and at the same time she had a ball. Considering we came so close to losing her only a few weeks before she now looks amazing! We now have pictures of her that we can cherish forever, the only hard part is deciding which ones to get printed off! Once again big thank you's to Paul and his wife Catherine for fitting Beau in at such short notice and going out of there way for the shoot.
Posted by Stefanie on
I have just stumbled across your website looking for ideas for pet photos and I am astounded by the quality and creativeness of your photos! You are an amazing photographer, I have never honestly seen anything like it before. How are you not Famous!!
Posted by Wendy and John Clark on
Millie and Chip thoroughly enjoyed their photo session last Saturday, as did we - so thank you very much! We are really looking forward to seeing the pictures of our lovely wee cats. Best wishes, John and Wendy Clark
Posted by Gary and Sue Photography on
Hi Paul, wanted you to know that we thoroughly enjoyed your seminar and now looking forward to buying your book and the other two that you recommended. I guess its then off to the park with camera in hand to find some dogsto practice on. Bit of a change to weddings! We look forward to seeing you next S.W.P.P
Posted by Hayley and Ewen on
Hi Paul! After picking up Milly's photos today, we just wanted to let you know that we love them all, they are perfect and worth every single penny. You have captured her personality so well, and have actually made her look well behaved! They really are wonderful, you have exceeded our expectations ten fold. We may be slightly biased because she's our dog, but we think they're the best photos we've ever seen, they could be straight out of a book or magazine. We've been showing them to people all day and they have all agreed that they're amazing - lots of 'wow' and 'ahh' sounds were being made! The photos will be getting pride of place, and we'll be recommending you to anyone who'll listen. We just wish we'd found you when she was still a puppy! We'll be making up for lost time though - we're already talking about getting some more done in the summer! Thanks again!
Posted by sylvie on
My name is Sylvie and this is a little note from me on April's Pet Photography Course that I attended.
Dear All, you may have already warmed to Paul after seeing his so unique photographs and maybe perhaps, he became your daily inspiration like it happened for me. However, I have to say, this is just a thin thin slice of what there is. The course itself was invaluable to me with so much food for thought and making my mind marvellously clear and refocused. Nevertheless, I highly doubt I would feel that way if not for Paul. He is so easy to be around; so genuine and honest. A kind of teacher that you look up to and respect and still feel very comfortable with. He would praise but not patronise; he would point out what doesn't work, but also show you how to improve it (in his humble opinion); he would motivate and not just say: everything will be fine; he would confirm it to you that it will indeed be hard and difficult, but also so rewarding and satisfying when you achieve what you aimed at.
Posted by Elsbeth Campbell on
Just seen the photos of our beautiful greyhound Sal and they are absoloutely gorgeous - I have to confess they brought a tear to my eye (a fact my husband hasn't stoppped slagging me off for!). I think the most important thing is that they capture her personality perfectly - the soulful (slightly gormless) expression and the ubiquitous one ear up, one ear down. You have made choosing a really difficult job!
Posted by Judy on
Paul, what a pleasure it was to meet the man behind these awesome pet photos! I had a wonderful time at your workshop, learning and laughing, you've got a great sense of humor! I hope you enjoyed your visit to the United States and return for another workshop, I'd love to do it again.
Posted by Vivian Lanzarone on
Hi Paul, Thank you so much for choosing Space... for your very first Pet Seminar in the USA! I can only hope it was as wonderful of an experience for you as it was for us to have you here. Your cute and whitty personality made it such fun and most important what a great learning experience. I completely admire how important your pets safety and well being are always put first. I made a joke to you about you being an animal whisper and you laughed, but I truley believe you have a special sense with amimals, it must be why your work is absolutley amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us and I would reccomend to anyone who has any pet photography interest, personally or professionally to take your workshop! Cheers and take Care of yourself - Vivian
Posted by Ulysses on
Paul, what a pure pleasure it was to attend your first workshop here in the USA. I have no doubt that many others on this side of the pond will enjoy your future workshops and seminars. I think one of the most valuable things I learned was to "listen" to what the pet is "telling" you. Although it's easier said than done --- their expressions and signals pass by in mere 10ths of a second! --- I was so glad to have your help and guidance in exploring a completely new field of photography. I can easily see why you're so deserving of the accolades and awards from your fellows there in Scotland and the UK.
Thanks, once again for an enjoyable experience!
Posted by margaret on
Thank you so much for spending hours taking endless photos of my dogs, which has resulted in the most fabulous collection. My biggest problem now is deciding which to choose, although family and friends have already suggested purchasing some for me as Christmas presents! Your genuine love of animals enhances your skills in photography, and the results are truly incredible. I shall be recommending you to all my friends. Thank you again.
Posted by Sally Gravenor on
Stunning and beautiful. I won't be happy until you've captured my Jack Russell......
Posted by Sergej Samulenkov on
I`m professonal newspaper`s photographer and I`m full of admiration of your photos. I see: you love animals. Absolutelly right awards! You must write book "How to photograph pets"
Posted by Paul Walker on
Sergej, I have the book is entitled "Pet Photography Now"
Posted by Greg on
Hi Paul
Long time no speak. Just had to congratulate you on your achievments and success since we met at Aviemore all those years ago. Keep up the good work and all the best for the future.
Posted by Jo Sumner on
Thank you Paul and Kathryn for an excellent course last week. The balance of practical and theory was just right. i learnt a huge amount from the two days, and it has been an inspiration to further my pet photography. Please let me know if you plan to do a follow up course. Thanks, Jo :-)
Posted by Jo Sumner on
Thank you Paul and Kathryn for an excellent course last week. The balance of practical and theory was just right. i learnt a huge amount from the two days, and it has been an inspiration to further my pet photography. Please let me know if you plan to do a follow up course. Thanks, Jo :-)
Posted by Jane Ryman on
I was inspired on your 2 day course. I exhibited one of my shots taken on the windy rainy September day, and have just made my first sale. Wow. Thank you Jane
Posted by CHRIS ALFORD on
Hello, Paul I learnt so much about photographing dogs. I have a greater understanding of animal behaviour, maximising the environment, composition, light and especially auto focus control. Thanks.
Posted by Gemma on
Thanks Paul for a very wet, but fantastic shoot of the dogs! Glad that we braved the weather as pics turned out good. A mixture of muddy fun pics and beautiful portraits made it sooo hard to choose the pics to print! Wish you all the best Paul!
Posted by Laura on
Hi Paul, I have stumbled across your site and am completely in love with your pictures. I have been looking into pet photography as something i would love to do and have no idea how to even start, maybe one day i will visit one of your training days! the way you manage to capture expressions is amazing and inspiring. Keep up the good work!
Posted by Russ James on
Hi Paul, I was looking for a good book on pet photography when I found yours. I googled your name and saw this wonderful site. Now I have a photographer whose creativity I would love to immulate.
Posted by karon derrick on
hi,paul just found your site your photos are amazing i dabble in photography and your photos have really inspired me watching your pictures come up on the screen with the background music made me cry absolutely fantastic. Hope one day to be able to capture a picture as good as yours. Keep up the good work.
Posted by Natalie Shaw on
I'm completely in awe of you Paul. Absolutely stunning photographs. Such clarity and attention to detail not to mention the fantastic Scottish backdrops
Posted by Sandy on
Your photographs just keep getting better
Posted by Manisha on
Each photo is mesmerising... Keep capturing the era....I loved all the cats and dogs in the pics.......Super Like!!! regards,m
Posted by Brenna on
I'm researching the market for unique pet businesses and yours is the absolute best. What an inspired idea!
Posted by Derek Mark Chapman on
your 2hour demonstrations at Loxleys today & yesterday were brilliant!...animals are amazing subjects that attract a large audience without a doubt. I did not realise till yesterday I already had your Pet photography now book in my collection. I have been hired to do two dogs soon so your advice at Loxleys was timed right...thanks from me & my cat Leo
Posted by JIll Brady on
I came accross your website by mistake... and what a delightful wee mistake it was.... Your photographs are amazing and i have now found an excellent- and different - christmas present for my mum, step dad and their two black labradors :) ... i can't wait to tell them. x
Posted by Trish Anderson on
Fantastic images! Hope to see attend your master class at the SWPP convention.
Posted by Karen McDonald on
Paul, Having had a shoot with you today with Smokey, I've just looked at your website and I'm stunned by the quality of the shots, what an amazing portfolio! Can't wait to see the ones of Smokes. Thanks for all your time today, it's been something I've been meaning to do for ages and I'm really thankful that unbeknownst to me I booked the pet photographer of the year!
Posted by Samantha Nash on
Just like to say what an amazing site. My husband is a new photographer and I, whilst researching came across your site. One of the very best I have seen. We are just at the beginning, and you are an inspiration. Best wishes & good luck. photogration.co.uk
Posted by Cherryl Kimber on
I received a birthday card today with the picture of the Lakeland Terrier playing the piano. As I have had Lakies for over 20 years, it's always a treat when I find them photographed. Now I need to find this card in the US for all my friends who also have Lakies. Any ideas?
Posted by Tom on
wow saw your shot in the times of the dogs in the snow beautiful shot
Posted by Sasha on
Thank you very much for your amazing pictures! It's something special! We loved it!!! mostly we are fond of the photo with a running bulldog with crazy eyes! That's great that all the animals have theis own character on the pictures.
Posted by Ginger on
Hello! I'm way across the pond here in Fort Worth, Texas, USA but I had to tell you how much I enjoyed your work. I just went through all the gallery photos and they are simply amazing!! I only wish you could take photos of my family and my soon-to-be-acquired dog!
Posted by Sue on
Hi Paul, I saw your pictures in the Mail last weekend - they are fantastic. Wish I'd known about you before losing my last, dear old dog. Have you had your work published in a book? Hope so - would love to have your images to keep.
Posted by Barry Barrett on
I think to photograph pets as you do you need a special bond with them and you have got it, all of the photos are showing a happy happy dog or cat. If an animal feels safe with you they will do what you ask them to do.i am disabled amauteur -photographer.
Posted by Pea Horsley on
Love your photographs, Paul! I discovered you because I'm a contributor on "Barking at the Moon'. I'd love to work together in the furture. Pea Horsley (animal communicator, www.animalthoughts.com)
Posted by Alexander Fisher on
Paul, every your shot exceeds the boundaries of my admiration. You definitely do what you were purposed for. I wish you had deserving clients!
Posted by Karen Harvey on
Excellent photo's done for the BSA. Which is how I came accross your site. The action shot's are particulary good. All fabulous.
Posted by Fiona on
Received photo of Pepper this morning in this post taken at last week's Greyhound Awareness Day. Fabulous. Amazing how you captured her whole personality (and her lopsided ears!)
Posted by Lisa Edwards on
Stunning picture of our dog, unbelievable patience and animal wizardry . (Dr Dolittle really does talk to the animals!)
Posted by Elyse Sayle on
Fresh photos. Full of life. Excellent work
Posted by Wilma and Alistair on
Well done Paul, your photographs are superb. I would highly recommend Paul to take your pet's photo too.
Posted by Christine on
Love all the pictures you have taken of the dogs at agility - especially of my own - the ones of Meggie are so special - Thanks and the best of luck
Posted by Tracy Bayne on
First class pictures of our bunnies. Paul has tremendous patience with very quick moving pets. We would thoroughly recommend his services to other customers.
Posted by Katia Rinaldi on
Fantastic pictures of two mischievous and energetic kittens your patience is remarkable! Very professional approach and friendly to match, thank you for a wonderful set of photographs.
Posted by Sandra Van Heddegem on
Paul, great pictures! looking forward to seeing your whole portfolio and maybe a picture of 'Fly'! Sandra, Agility Section, Prestwick and District

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