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You don't have to wait to be given a pet voucher or for your birthday or Christmas time, your dog or cat may deserve a beautiful photograph of themselves for you to also admire.  If that is the case, we have many Paws Experiences for your pet to encounter as detailed below.  All photography sessions are undertaken by Paul Walker, ensuring your pet will be in the company of one of the UK's leading pet photographers.

Home Paws

The session will take place in and around your own home/garden with the resulting images having a real sentimental attachment to the pet's favourite places.  This session is often suitable for house cats or house rabbits or elderly dog enjoying the later stages of life.

Home and Walk Paws

The session will initially begin in the home and then pursue the trail of their favourite walk routine whether it be in the neighbourhood or a local park.  This can be discussed in advance of the pet photo session but will give your images a sentimental value of the everyday scenes they are so familiar with.

Beach/Water Paws

One of the popular Paws adventures and please don't expect your dog to return home in an immaculate condition.  Some dogs just love the thrill of sand and water or the chasing of a favourite toy along dunes and shorelines.

Woodland Paws

Perhaps your dog is more at home working its way through woodland trails and weaving through undergrowth.  If this is the case our Woodland Paws may be the perfect ticket.

Hills and Country Paws

Love the countryside, the hills and that feeling of space all around.  If this is the case our Hills and Country Paws is for your pet.

Urban Paws

Sometimes your pet is more at home in an urban setting with paths, buildings and he everyday noises of the town or city.  If this is the case our Urban Paws session will give you something a little different.

Quirky Paws

For those pet owners that just want something a little different.  If this is the case our Quirky Paws session will put a real emphasis on strategies to  capture imagery a little out of the box.

Day in the Life Paws

The ultimate Paws Pet Photography adventure.  Your pet or pets will be photographed over the course of an eight hour period with any combination of locations paws added in to the pet's agenda.

Gift Vouchers

That perfect gift for the pet owner that has everything! Those moments captured forever by one of the UK's most creative pet photographers.

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